This page contains links to past years of MILI. The course was housed on a Wiki, previously and updated for each new session of MILI. The previous sessions were archived. All those archives are found here. The presentation link will take you to last year’s presentations. ¬†Previous year’s presentations can be found under the archived pages.

Presentations from 2018-2019 (Elk River)

Annie Allen

Bethany Kauffman

Lori Yerbich

Andrea Weimer

Holly Dragisich

Megan Bateman

Stephanie Harding

Janelle McCollins

Angela Yanke

Maranda Cameron

Susan Nelson

Molly Evavold

Scott Eskro

Kristen Schrader

Presentations from 2018-2019 (Minneapolis)

Kristi Main

Jill Laven Spencer

Stacey Maupin

Sean Casey

Nicole Voss

Sarah Genosky

Kari Hansen

Susan Alfson

Brian Harney

Matthew Pelzer

Carol Sanecki

Marie Louiselle

Kim Pickens

Sharon Rush

Elizabeth Johnson

Yina Ha

Presentations from 2016-2017

Carolyn Townsend

Katie Murphy-Olsen

Ford Campbell

Tara Kennedy

Sher Swanby

Sean Pajak

Presentations from 2015-2016

Rachel Panitzke

Melody Nelson

Tori Jensen

Jenifer Shier

Alison Rahman

Presentations from 2014-2015

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