April’s topic is Presentation Tools

April videos (watch both, please!)

Presentations in Education (TED talk)

How NOT to Use Power Point

Articles on Presentation

Teaching ESL Presentation Skills

How to Engage an Audience

Tips to Help ESL Students Give Oral Presentations

Ways to Make Presentations Work in the Classroom

Speaking Worksheets

Reasons Students Should Speak Up Front

Structure an Excellent Presentation


Animoto – This is a great animated video presentation tool, simple and impressive videos

Animoto offers a free year-long account for educators. These are the directions to set up an account.

  1. Click this link
  2. Select “Learn more” on the center of the page, next to “Are you a teacher?”
  3. On the new page that opens, select the aqua “Apply Now” button
  4. On this page, select the “sign up” link – fill out the form
  5. Fill out the next, longer form, and you will be emailed a code to get your free year of Animoto


If you’ve had an educator account previously, you should have received an email that your account is expiring. Follow the link in the email to renew your free account. If you did not get an email you can go to Animoto.com and “sign in” and select “My account” to see your current status. If your status is not “Education” then follow the directions above. If it is, then you are fine and it should list a date that your account will expire.

Other Tools

Educreations – a screencasting app

Anchor – an audio only app, used for podcasts or other audio media

Haiku Deck – a slideshow app, like powerpoint

Prezi – similar to powerpoint, more dynamic style

Adobe Voice – A presentation tool similar to Animoto, creating dynamic video

Adobe Slate – A tool to create photo layouts/magazine style presentations

Assignment for April

Your assignment for April is also your assignment for May, one assignment, two months.

Create a presentation regarding MILI. This can be a presentation you use for a purpose in your school, but it must illustrate at least two MILI tools that you’ve learned about this year. How you choose to integrate them or show them during the presentation is up to you. The overall theme of the presentation should be advocating information literacy skills. Remember that the entire class focused on the 3Rs (Research, Reliable Resources, Responsible Use)

Presentations should be between 2 and 5 minutes and must utilize one of the tools mentioned in class. (That includes the ones listed on this page, even if we don’t discuss them in class). You must do your OWN presentation, though you are certainly welcome to collaborate with your teacher or librarian partner.

Click here if you would like to view the archives for previous year’s presentations.

Blog Posts for April

  1. Your first blog should be about the content this month, the videos and the class. Feel free to expound on your feelings about presenting as well. Talk about what you currently do, how you think you could be better, things like that.
  2. Find an article about presenting, presentations, or one of the tools mentioned on this page and discuss the article in your blog post. Be sure to link the article in this blog post.