December’s subject is Collaboration & Assessment

I Got Confused Reading It (READ THIS ARTICLE)

Watch the video and read the PDF, the video is short this month, so there is an article as well. We will look at a variety of tools to assist in online collaboration. Just the video and article are due before class. And, no, you may not use this article as your blog post article. Nice try, though.


Collaboration vs. Teamwork

4 Tools for Teaching Teamwork and Collaboration

Why is Teamwork Important in the Classroom? 

(You may, however, use one of these articles, if you wish. You’re welcome.)


The Beginner’s Guide to Podcasts

How to Get Started Listening to Podcasts

Teaching the Art of Listening

Benefits of Using Podcasts in Classroom

Creating Podcasts for Classroom Use

Tech in the Classroom: How/Why to Use Podcasts

Podcasts for Educators

50 Podcasts by Category


Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers

The Bedley Brothers

Every Classroom Matters

Science Underground

Talks With Teachers

Moving at the Speed of Creativity

The Cult of Pedagogy

The Google Teacher Tribe

10 Minute Teacher (from CoolCatTeacher)

Podcasts for Students

Podcasts and Assignments for Kids of All Ages

50 Podcasts for High School Students

Podcast Tools



Free Podcasting Tools

Google Sites

Google Sites New

Beginner’s Guide to Google Sites

Google Sites Help Center




(Edublogs, 13+ unless teacher, Blogger 13+)

Blogging in the Classroom

33 Ways to Use Blogging in the Classroom

How To Write a Quality Comment (Video)

20 Reasons Why Students Should Blog

14 Steps to Meaningful Blogging


Flipgrid (Flip Code: mili2019)

Flipgrid Educator Guide

Flipgrid Ideas for the Classroom

Flipgrid Educator’s Certification



(Assessment Code: 44 46 57)



Google Slides Questions

Google Classroom Chat

7 Things You Should Know About Backchanneling

Rubric for Chat Particpation

Assessing Student Work for Chatrooms and Bulletin Boards


20 Assessment Tools 

Assignments for December

  1. Choice of assignments. Create a Google Site for your use, it can be for your class, for your library, for a specific assignment, or for a group or project. Be sure to link to your site in your blog post this month. -OR- Create a 5-minute podcast or podcast plan.  Be sure to link to your podcast or plan in your blog post this month. 
  2. Post two videos on Flipgrid. a. Share an idea for using FG as a collaborative tool and/or a classroom tool in 90 seconds or less. b. Respond to someone else’s FG idea in 45 seconds or less.

Blog Assignments for December

  1. Write a reflection of the video and our course, discussing how you might use Google Sites, podcasts, blogging, assessments, or backchanneling in the classroom. Be sure to discuss how you use online collaboration as a tool for teaching. Don’t forget to include the link to your Google Site in your blog. 
  2. Find an article that discusses online collaboration, blogging/microblogging, assessment or backchanneling and discuss the article in your blog post. Be sure to link the article in your blog. Or, you can listen to a new podcast and discuss what you learned in a blog post. Be sure to link to the podcast in your blog.