January’s subject is Copyright and the Creative Commons

Copyright Basics

Copyright on Campus

‘A Shared Culture’ Creative Commons Video

For January, please watch the above three videos on copyright and the Creative Commons. You’ll want to read and explore all of the links below, before class as well. I promise it will be helpful during our session.

What is copyright?

MILI Copyright Wiki

US Copyright Office FAQs

Copyright & Fair Use Overview from Stanford University

Copyright Basics Video

Copyright Mash Up and Remixed video

Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons Videos

What is fair use?

Codes of Best Practices – Fair Use

What is Fair Use Remix

US Copyright Office on Fair Use

Fair Use page from Stanford University

Thinking Through Fair Use from the U of M

Fair Use Chart

Fair Use Fundamentals

Fair Use for Media Literacy in Education

A Fair(y) Use Tale Video

What is the public domain?

The Public Domain from Stanford University

Public Domain Day from Duke Law School

What is the Creative Commons?

Creative Commons home page

Creative Commons videos

Creative Commons about page

Creative Commons Search Page

Assignment for January

None. I know, I’m awesome like that.

Blog for January

  1. Write a reflection of the videos and our course, discussing how you currently are impacted by copyright and what surprised you. Be sure to discuss ideas of how you will change what you do or how you teach this going forward.  
  2. Find an article that discusses copyright issues and discuss the article in your blog post. Be sure to link the article in your blog.