November’s subject is Advanced ELM

As a holiday gift to you, we’re switching things up for November. In light of our Advanced ELM topic, I’m directing you to the Minitex channel on YouTube.

Minitex Channel

From that link you will find more than 30 videos from which to choose.

Assignment for November

You will select five separate videos, that appeal to you and watch them prior to our November meeting. These videos should help clarify your knowledge of the ELM databases and assist in focusing your questions for our guest speaker.

Please remember we will have a guest speaker, be on time for this session and ready with questions!

Blog Assignments for November

  1. In your first blog post, you will mention which five videos you watched and discuss what you learned, in detail.
  2. Find an article that discusses ELM databases, database searching, or related and write a blog post about your article. Be sure to link your article in your blog post. -OR- Spend time researching the IPL, or DPLA and write a blog post about what you learned.

November Blog Links



Database Exploration Checklist

Internet Public Library

Digital Public Library of America


Linda’s Presentation on Advanced ELM