November’s subject is Online Collaboration

Watch the video and there are no required apps for this month. We will look at Google Sites and Today’s Meet, both of which are web based.

Online Collaboration

Education 2.0 Infographic

What Does Digital Citizenship Mean to You?

Golden Rule of Digital Citizenship

Mr. Burklund’s Digital Citizenship Class

Google Sites

Google Sites Overview

Google Sites Help Page

Beginner’s Guide to Google Sites

Google Sites Help Center

Actual Google Sites

MILI iPad Apps for Education

MILI Junior iPad Apps for Education

Student Created Sites Examples





Blogging in the Classroom

Resources for Using Kidblog

33 Ways to Use Blogging in the Classroom

How To Write a Quality Comment (Video)

20 Reasons Why Students Should Blog

14 Steps to Meaningful Blogging


Today’s Meet

7 Things You Should Know About Backchanneling

Rubric for Chat Particpation

Assessing Student Work for Chatrooms and Bulletin Boards

Assignment for November

  1. Create a Google Site for your use, it can be for your class, for your library, for a specific assignment, or for a group or project. Be sure to link to your site in your blog post this month. 

Blog Assignments for November

  1. Write a reflection of the video and our course, discussing how you might use Google Sites, blogging, or Today’s Meet in the classroom. Be sure to discuss how you use online collaboration as a tool for teaching. Don’t forget to include the link to your Google Site in your blog. 
  2. Find an article that discusses online collaboration, digital citizenship, blogging, or backchanneling and discuss the article in your blog post. Be sure to link the article in your blog.