September’s subject is Research Ready: Google and Databases 

Please watch the three videos below before you come to our September class.



What is Research?


The Research Process Feelings by Red Rocks Community College


Assignments and Research

Metronet Advocates the 5 Steps:

  1. Question
  2. Gather
  3. Conclude
  4. Communicate
  5. Evaluate

Grading Rubric

Big Six Steps

Guided Inquiry

Five Steps for quality research

Website Evaluation

Additional Resources for Web Eval

Fake News Guide (SPPS)

How to Spot Fake News

Plagiarism Proofing Assignments

ART Evaluation of Assignments

Evaluate Your Research Skills

Checklist for a Writing Assignment

Checklist for Completing an Assignment


ELM Databases

Database Exploration Checklist


Google Custom Search

Inside Google Search

12 Quick Tips to Search Like a Google Expert

Get More Out of Google: Infographic

Using Google Custom Search: Video

Library Help

Hennepin County Libraries

Great River Regional Libraries

East Central Regional Libraries


Help Now

Assignments for September

1) Create a Google Custom Search that searches any websites you’d like, be sure to include the link to your search in your first blog post.

2) Fill out the Art Evaluation of Assignments sheet for one of your assignments to see if there is any area where you could better incorporate research.

3) Use the Database Exploration Checklist to explore the ELM databases and identify some that may be useful for your students.

Blog Assignments for September

  1. Write a reflection on the video, our class in September, and be sure to discuss how you think a Google Custom Search could help your research project. Don’t forget to include the link to your custom search in your blog post. 
  2. Find a resource that talks about searching websites, evaluating websites, students using the web for research, database searching or related and discuss the article and how it relates to our class and your research project. Be sure to link the resource in your blog post. 

Tools for September

Chromebook Widgets: 

Library Extension

Britannica Insights

Opposing Viewpoints (Beta)


iPad apps:

Your library app

Overdrive, Zinio, Libby, Cloud Library, Hoopla, Ebooks MN