Each year, dozens of teachers and library media specialists and paraprofessionals take the MILI course to improve their knowledge in teaching research. For each participant we have the following expectations.


  1. Participants are required to watch monthly videos before the in-person meeting
  2. Participants are required to attend monthly meetings. One excused absence is allowed.
  3. Each week during the school year, participants are required to work one hour, outside the time frame of MILI meetings, on tools, concepts, and ideas introduced.
  4. The total amount of time spent on videos , MILI meetings, and working one hour per week, will total 70 hours throughout the school year, with 7 of those hours spent in the first training day.


  1. Participants are required to post two blog posts per month on their MILI blog, for a total of 20 blog posts, related to MILI concepts, tools, and ideas.Through blog posts participants express how they are thinking about, using, and analyzing the concepts, tools, and ideas introduced.
  2. Participants will use one blog to reflect on that month’s video, tools, concepts, and class (as well as other participant ideas discussed in class). Blogs should be roughly 150 words at a minimum. This reflection allows your instructors to monitor your understanding and knowledge growth as the course progresses.
  3. Participants will use the second blog to reflect on a key concept or idea of the course as demonstrated through an outside source. Each month students will find an article, blog post (outside of our Ning), video, or other resource that is related to our theme/topic that month and link the resource, and discuss it in your blog post.
  4. Participants are expected to read each other’s blog posts and thoughtfully comment where appropriate.
  5. Additional blog posts on general technology and other topics and opinions are welcome but do not count towards the 20 MILI posts.


  1. Blog posts are a monthly assignment, but participants are also required to complete additional assignments, which vary month to month. Participants will use their one hour per week outside of MILI meetings and videos to complete assignments.
  2. Participants will create a multimedia video for their final assignment. There will be multiple video tools highlighted throughout the program that participants can choose from to create the final video.

School Visits

This year in MILI each team (library media specialists/teacher) must schedule at least one school visit with Olivia. You may choose the time that works best (as you prepare your research project, as you are teaching a specific portion, etc.) for you and email Olivia with your requested date/time. The purpose of these visits is to allow Olivia to see the schools and libraries in SPPS but also to allow MILI participants one-on-one time to discuss their individual research projects.


  1. Progress toward meeting MILI requirements will be monitored every month and blog posts are due by the end of each month. Individuals who do not attend MILI meetings, watch MILI videos, and/or write blog posts on their MILI blog may be removed from the program and asked to return incentives provided.