Information Literacy

How to Teach Information Literacy in an Era of Lies

Information Literacy in the Digital Age

No Wikipedia, What an Online Encyclopedia Should Be

Why Students Can’t Google Their Way to the Truth

Using iPad for Writing in Kindergarten

Technology in Schools is Widening the Opportunity Gap

Two Concrete Activities to Teach Theoretical Information Literacy Concepts

Teach Information Literacy Skills with a Post-Apocalyptic Game

Evaluating Science Online

Step By Step Research Reports for Young Writers

Growth Mindset for Library Research

The Information Literacy Imperative in Higher Ed

Why Students Can’t Google Their Way to the Truth

Are Your Students Digitally Literate? Librarians are Key. 


Benefits of Library Use for First Year College Students

No Grades, No Testing: Berlin Schools Turn Education Upside Down

The Responsibility of Schools in Teaching Teachers Tech

26 Tips for Teaching with Google Apps

Perspectives on Student Research Skills in K-12 and Academic Communities

Research to Create Parity For Gifted Students

Palo Alto School District to Launch Advanced Research Program

Mobile Phones and iPads Could be Banned from all UK Classrooms

What is a Professional Learning Community?

What are PLCs?

The Genius of Learning

School Librarians Infographic

Assessing Student Work for Chatrooms and Bulletin Boards

AASL/ACRL: Higher Education Shifts in Pedagogical Standards

Guided Inquiry

Guided Inquiry: School Libraries in the 21st Century

Making the Shift from Traditional Research to Guided Inquiry


Apple Launches Classroom for iPad!

Ten Types of Tech Tools Every Teacher (and Librarian!) Needs

iPad Tips & Tricks for iOS 7 and iOS 8

Ultimate Guide to Creating Strong Passwords

Taking a Look at iOS 9 – Should You Update?

iOS 9 – 50 Tips & Tricks

How to Stop Google From Tracking You on the Web

Periodic Table of Technology in Education

Social Media

Snapchat in Education

Six Snapchat Experiments to Engage Students

Snapchat and Vine in Classrooms

How to Create a FaceBook Profile Video

The Why and How of Using Facebook for Educators

How Twitter Can Be Used as a Powerful Educational Tool

Can Tweeting Help Your Teaching?

10 Surprising Ways to Use Instagram in the Classroom

The Teacher’s Guide to Pinterest

What is Blogging Now?


Copyright Resources

Why Schools Need to Teach Kids the Whole Truth About Copyright

Intellectual Property Questions as 3D Printers Come of Age

Happy Birthday in the Public Domain

Diary of Anne Frank to Extend Copyright

The Mythology of the Public Domain

NYPL Releases Items in the Public Domain

Dr. Seuss and Star Trek Kerfuffle

Plagiarism, Citation, & Notetaking

Fake News and Lies

The Importance of Truth Workers in an Era of Factual Recession

Why Do Students Not Understand Plagiarism?

The Slippery Business of Plagiarism

A Plagiarism Scandal is Unfolding in the World of Crosswords

To Remember Better, Take Notes by Hand

Don’t Take Notes with a Laptop

Why Plagiarize, Steal This Idea

Plagiarism in Academia in 2015

Plagiarism is a Mortal Sin and the Last Taboo, Or is it?

The Importance of Citation

Why the Research Paper Isn’t Working

Plagiarism Detection and Evaluation

A Note on Notetaking

Screencasting and Flipped Classrooms

Screencasting in Education, Assessment, and Research

7 Things About Screencasting

The Screencasting Handbook

Screencasting to Engage Learning

7 Things About Flipped Classrooms

How to Teach a Young Introvert

Presentation Skills

Improving Presentation Styles in Education

Teaching Presentation Skills for the Classroom

5 Tips to Improving your Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills for Teachers


4 Types of Teachers in PD

Ethics for Non Librarians

Ethics Scenarios for Non Librarians

Student Resources for Writing a Research Paper

The Problem with Searching the Deep Web

Lyric Intelligence (Research Method)

Resources (not articles, but useful websites for research)



Be Internet Awesome (Google)

Google Digital Literacy Course

Facebook Digital Literacy Course

Microsoft Digital Literacy Course

Common Sense Media Digital Literacy Course

Zunal WebQuest Evaluating Websites

KYVirtual Library Research Portal

AllSides News Website

SPPS History Day Lib Guide

Effective Writing Tutorials

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy